Sign up below and Invest a year of your life into the Kingdom of God while growing personally and unleashing your potential! Using ministry as the platform for LIFE ACADEMY, you will be exposed to: leadership development, spiritual growth, public speaking, event planning & management, missions, next generation ministry, creative arts and many more life skills, that will give you a solid foundation for a strong future. This is a 10 month, full time ‘year -of-your-life’ program, running from February to November every year. 


-Help you develop a more intimate relationship with God
-Aide you in personal restoration and character development
-Develop your leadership
-Teach you in teamwork
-Help you discovering your unique design and purpose
-Developing life skills to last a life time


Team Impact Bible School
Character Makeover – Katherine Brazelton
Love, Sex and Dating – Andy Stanley
Developing the Leader within 2.0 – John Maxwell
The Way I’m Wired – Dr Katie Brazelton
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course – Peter Scazzero
And more!


Public Speaking training
Youth and Childen’s Ministry Training
Photography and Video editing
Creative Arts Experience
Missions Training
Event planning and managemen


The Life Academy runs from February to November. Students will need to be available for training every Monday-Thursday from 08:00-14:00, and for Sunday Services. They will also need to volunteer at next generation weekend ministries: Kidzlife / Agents 3:16 / Elevate / Young Adults. There will also be several weekly evening courses included in the curriculum.


This Includes:
– 2 International  Mission Trips (To Swaziland and Lesotho. A valid passport is required)
– 1 South African Mission Trip
– Various Local One Day Missions
– All Courses and Materials used during the course (Bible Studies, Spiritual and Leadership Development)
– Gaining experience in: Youth Ministry; Creative Arts; Childrens Ministry; Preaching & Teaching Tools; Local and International Missions; and Discipleship.


Lee passionately heads up the Life Academy at New Life Church. She has a gift for teaching and training others, and works with each student diligently and personally. She has a unique way of developing genuine trusting relationships with her students in order to help shape and form them in their development and purpose. You won’t find someone more equipped and gifted for this position!

Got questions? Contact Lee on +27 72 114 1044 or


Making the decision to join Life Academy was anything but easy. Making a choice that was so completely outside of who and where I was in my life then was overwhelmingly scary and almost impossible to make.

I was so quick to shut out the idea of doing something that would take me miles out of my comfort zone, never mind miles out of the country I was living in. There were so many people telling me to go for it, pleading with me that I take this leap. I didn’t want to hear any of it! I felt justified with where I was at, however the more and more I would run away from the idea of doing this, all the more I would feel that familiar churning in my spirit that told me this was the next step I needed to make.

Eventually, after months of fighting that prompting that would only grow stronger and more convicting, I finally gave up. I closed my eyes and just said, “Ok.” From there it all went so fast, I applied and next thing I found myself seated next to my fellow classmates at New Life Church, Witbank, South Africa.

I can’t in the slightest begin to explain how finding the courage to make that decision, followed by those 10 months in Life Academy, surrounded by people who were there to help and support me throughout my journey changed everything for me. Saying that in itself is an understatement.

I am nowhere near to the same person I was just those short years ago. I have grown and matured in an immeasurable amount of areas, however most importantly in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I owe it all to God, He knew I needed this more than I ever did. He brought out the change in me, and none of it would have been possible without His love and guidance. Being obedient to this decision has brought me to a place in my life now, over 2 years later, that I would never have fathomed for myself back then.

If I could go back and tell myself anything, it would be; “Don’t worry, you can rest assured knowing that things will change and so will you. God is about to move, so listen, be obedient and surrender!”

It was a challenge getting here, a massive climb, intensive growth and an unwavering trust that God had a plan and He would bring it to completion. Everyday I hold onto that and everyday I trust that He is in control and that throughout my life with a willing heart I will keep on trusting that where He leads me will be for His glory alone – and that is the ultimate purpose.

So my prayer for you would be that you take this leap, join in the adventure and allow God to work in your life and bring you out of 2021 completely changed, ready and equipped to go out there and begin on solid foundation.

By: Cheney Masson

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