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children’s home

In 2016, the New Life Children’s Home was established as a non-profit organisation. Our aim is to provide quality care in a safe and loving home for vulnerable children, irrespective of race, gender or age. We want to give children the opportunity to have a new life – filled with hope, excitement, faith and love. We also want to protect and encourage all the children we help through focus on positive behaviour and Godly principles.


With our sponsor a child initiative we aim to demonstrate God’s love and carry out His justice by helping those in need. We are looking for people with the financial means to sponsor a child on a monthly basis. Your sponsorship will be deposited into the Inspire bank account, and New Life Church staff and volunteers will purchase food and clothing for the child you sponsor and deliver it to their household once-a-month. Sponsorship is not just a financial transaction. Sponsorship is a special relationship built on both measurable, tangible gifts, and on the intangible – a Kingdom connection between two people that transcends language and culture, and broadens our understanding of what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of God. The total monthly sponsorship amount that we need to clothe and feed a child is R500.00


With ‘Compassion’ being one of our key values at New Life Church, we strive to reach out both locally and abroad to the needy as well as those who have not yet come to the knowledge of Christ’s saving grace. One of the ways we do this is through Missions trips to Swaziland. New Life Church members are encouraged to apply to attend a trip, and then a team is selected by the pastoral team. Volunteers can also support these mission trips through donations.

Dignity store

Through this ministry area, the entire church can show God’s love in a practical way, helping our community by providing the needy with clothing & food. Dignity is a clothing & food store operating from the church property every week day from 08:00 to 13:00. Donated clothing items are sold at a minimal price and the proceeds fund the grocery department of the store.

WHAT CAN YOU DO: #1 Make donations of food items, clothing, bedding, toys, child & baby items, furniture, electrical appliances, general household goods & finances.

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED: Sign up below to assist with Dignity to serve in the shop one Tuesday morning per month.

community outreaches

We believe that one of our job’s is to look after the communities around us. Therefore we have various outreaches planned throughout the year which take us into different communities in our city. This is a great opportunity to lend a helping hand to the local communities.  

SIGN UP IF YOU: Are willing to travel to various communities in our city and help with their needs. 


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